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Shipping Rates and Policies

  • Same Day Shipment - UPS, FedEx
    99% of component orders received by 3:00PM Pacific Time are shipped out the same day.

    Kit orders are shipped the same day if the kit is in stock and the order is received by 3:00PM Pacific time.

    Kits not in stock are shipped as indicated by the kit lead time -- view kit selection to see lead time. For shipping time of a custom kit, check with the Garrett sales department.

  • US Postal Service
    All US Postal Service shipments will be shipped the next day after the order is placed.

  • Parcel Tracking
    All parcels - UPS, FedEx and US Postal Service shipped from Garrett Electronics may be tracked. The tracking numbers are supplied via a shipping acknowledgement.
  • Shipping Charges
    Garrett Electronics does not add any handling charges to shipments. We charge only the amount that our shippers charge.

    The shipping charges may be approximated by estimating the weight of a package and using our shipping rate charts (see below). The actual shipping charges are determined at the time of shipment and may include additions to cover extras such as COD fees, residential addresses and shipper's fuel surcharges.

    To assist you in estimating the shipping weight of your order, here are some examples:

    Under 13oz 2000pcs SMD resistor, ceramic capacitor
      1000 Thru-hole 1/4w resistor, ceramic capacitor
    Under 1lb 1 full reel SMD resistor, ceramic capacitor
      10,000pcs Cut tape, SMC resistor, ceramic capacitor
    Under 2lb 3 full reels SMD resistor, ceramic capacitor
    Under 3lb 5 full reels SMD resistor, ceramic capacitor

  • Shipping Chart - Domestic and International
    View shipping chart to compare rates to your location.

  • Shipping Terms - International
    International orders (excluding Canada) require advance payment by credit card or wire transfer with fee .


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