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Reserve Inventory Program

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The Reserve Inventory Program is for selected Garrett Electronics customers that would benefit by having Garrett hold a component, without a PO, until a release in the quantity you need is requested. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Garrett Electronics at 800-767-0081.

Garrett’s Reserve Inventory Program will simplify your purchasing efforts and guarantee delivery on schedule with no liability until a release is ordered.  You will not have to spend valuable time searching for low-cost, standard, passive components

  • Garrett Electronics will maintain a reserve inventory of Garrett standard components to ensure delivery to your dock dates.
  • There is no liability or commitment for components until you release components for shipment – an invoice is generated at that time.  Frequency of orders (releases) is determined by you
  • Reserve program will support your requirements for just a few components or as many items as desired.
  • You may release components online, by email, fax or phone to Garrett.
  • Garrett will set-up the program for you on-line and, enter the components you desire to reserve.  You may participate in the process as much as you like.
  • Your reserved items can be viewed or edited (increased, decreased or deleted) online at any time.
  • New, standard components may be added to your reserve or deleted any time.
  • Your internal part numbers may be used for your convenience.
  • Non-standard, non-stock components may be added if approved and ordered  by Garrett Electronics.
  • Any releases of components and any exact quantity may be supplied in your choice of:
    • Bulk
    • Cut tape with or without attached 18” leader
    • Partial reels, 7” reel with 18” leaders, pick & place ready
    • Full factory reels of components.
  • Reserve inventory levels are replenished for future needs as required.
For more information or a quick demo of how this program can work for you, contact Garrett Electronics at 1 800 767 0081


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