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EMS Services
If your requirements include:
  • High mix, low volume
  • Development (NPI)
  • Small-to-medium production

Garrett offers services for your needs:

Broad Shelf Inventory for Same Day Shipment
  • Stock is available at Garrett to supply prototype quantities, partial reel, full reels.
  • Quick-turn response to RFQ's; including part number determination from component descriptions, and/or crosses to AVL part numbers.
  • Orders received by 3:00PT can be shipped that day.

Reserved inventory for guaranteed availability
  • Garrett will maintain inventory, for same-day shipment, based on your anticipated requirement.
  • No purchase order is required for reserved inventory until components are released.
  • Releases may be for the exact quantity needed.
  • The unit price is based upon released quantity.
  • You may manage reserved inventory on-line or Garrett will manage it for you.
  • Your internal part numbers may be used for requesting reserved inventory and for releases.

Exact-count pick & place ready packaging
  • High quality, value-added reel & leader service, pick and place equipment ready.
  • Exact count continuous tape with 18" leader.
  • Exact count 7" diameter partial reel with 18" leader.
  • For inspection of Garrett's reel & leader service a free item can be provided for your process engineer.

Discounts are available based on quarterly purchases
  • Discounts are available based on the orders invoiced during the previous quarter.
  • Discounts apply to single and multi-location accounts.

For information to enable you to realize the benefits and special considerations using Garrett's EMS services, contact:

Donna Garrett


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